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We tend to anticipate big announcements for specific anniversary years when it comes to the development of watch movements. Our friends at Lange love to throw us curveballs. Specifically, Anthony de Haas is the director of product design.

It was a shock when we started the year. We thought it would be a breeze and that all the major Lange pieces would be on display in 2019 to celebrate its 25th anniversary (https://www.zfiwc.com) but then, boom! They presented a Triple Split which blew us out of the water.

Even the most experienced watchmakers find it difficult to create a split-seconds clock. The Triple Split requires impressively robust movement. Lange held the record even before the Triple Split for the Double Split which allowed one to split the chronograph minutes and seconds. This new complication allows you to keep track of lap differences using the hour counter.

De Haas knows, as do you, that you won't need split hours unless you are using the Triple Split to track the Tour de France. His philosophy has always been to ask "why not?" rather than "why". We applaud the Triple Split for its ingenious approach to a classic complication.

The Little IWC Da Vinci Replica is another highlight of the year, with two new rose gold versions and two white gold versions. All three are free from diamonds, mother-of pearl or any other feminine aesthetics. We don't know if it's an acknowledgement that androgyny is needed in watch design. It is now 36.8mm in diameter, which is a size that works for both men and women. It has the same features as the IWC Da Vinci Replica with its matching straps and dials in mauve, brown and anthracite. The L121.1 calibre powers it.Rolex Submariner Replica Watches It's just as hard to find as the IWC Da Vinci Replica. Good luck!

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